Migration Complete; New Webmail Options Available

The migration to the new server is complete. All accounts on all domains should function properly and all pre-existing mail archives have been preserved.

If you are still not receiving mail or are missing any old files please email me immediately at dmjossel@synfibers.com. As a last resort you may use the IP address as your incoming (POP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers. If you have SSL activated you may see an error message that the certificate is unsigned. If you ignore it mail should function properly. Within a day or two you should be able to revert to using your own domain or the shared domain synthet3.securesites.net (for SSL support) on the new server.

This migration also brings a new option for webmail; an AJAX-powered interface that is a bit more advanced than the TWIG interface for handling mail. You can access it at:


The login screen gives you options for Advanced (supported in Internet Explorer and Firefox, mimics the layout and features of Outlook Express in a web interface) or Standard Ajax (for other modern browsers) or Simple (for old browsers and/or mobile devices).

In most cases the old TWIG interface, should you want it, is still available at:


If either of these options don't function properly or you have any other questions or problems, please feel free to contact me: